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Structural Crack Repair

Structural Crack Repair

Structural Crack Repair in Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas

Sump Pump Geeks is the world’s leading network of basement foundation repair contractors. We offer detailed inspection for your basement to identify structural cracks within your foundation wall. We then utilize our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to provide you with efficient and the most reliable restoration service to strengthen your foundation structure.

We proudly serve Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas.

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What Causes Structural Cracks in Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas?

Settlement of Concrete

Structural cracks may show up as a result of concrete settlement. Concrete is made of cement, gravel, and water. When the water evaporates, the rest of the ingredients settles in place and become a slab of hard concrete. This makes the concrete shrink a little which may cause cracks to form. The cracks are usually wide enough to let groundwater, insects, and even radon gases to pass through.

Structural cracks are not very threatening at an initial level, but eventually, it may lead to much greater problems in the future, like water intrusion that promote mold growth. Now once mold infests your property, it’s all downhill from there. Unless you call for professional help. If you contact Maryland Sump Pump Geeks in time, we may be able to help you prevent mold growth with our moisture control services.

Hydrostatic Pressure

The pressure exerted on the foundation wall as soil expands because of water outside is a repetitive process because rain, floods, and storms come and go. Eventually, the foundation wall falls weak under constant pressure and is enough to cause cracks as the pressure pushes against the wall. Water may seep in from the cracks made and cause water damage inside the basement.

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Need Structural Crack Repair in your MD home? Maryland Sump Pump Geeks Is Here for You!

Sump Pump Geeks is your local basement repair specialist with the experience and expertise you are looking for. When you face water leaks in your basement because of cracks, contact us at 410-213-3020 for professional work. Our Geeks are fully trained and certified to provide you with the most efficient waterproofing and crack repair services.