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Foundation Evaluation

Foundation Evaluation

Foundation Inspections & Evaluations in Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas

A professional foundation evaluation detects early signs of moisture and mold damage, as well as structural problems.   

The Sump Pump Geeks provide a thorough and comprehensible evaluation service, which should be done every year to ensure your family is living in a structurally sound home with fresh, breathable air.

A strong home begins with a strong foundation

Having your basement checked for bowing or cracking walls and water leaks could save you a lot of time and money.

Signs of structural damage include cracks in drywall, as well as jamming doors and windows. These could mean your house is sliding off its footing, and requires professional attention.

Trained and certified foundation repair technicians in Baltimore, Annapolis & nearby MD towns.

With its corporate headquarters in Westport, MA, the Sump Pump Geeks are a highly-trained, award-winning team of professionals, concerned with providing only the best in basement inspection, protection and waterproofing products.