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An Entrepreneurial Story by Dan Fitzgerald

An Entrepreneurial Story

By Dan Fitzgerald


Ever since I was a young boy I watched my dad¬†run his own graphic design¬†& advertising agency, then grow¬†to become the¬†marketing director for an entrepreneurial business that became a “global” success.¬†This was incredibly¬†inspiring to me, and I have been following in his footsteps ever since. My mom is an RN but is also an entrepreneur who started two businesses on her own that I believe were excellent ventures…successful and profitable.

This always stuck with me that it is an option to be a business owner,¬†and not simply¬†work as an employee forever. From that day, I had the entrepreneurial “bug”, I knew that I wanted to run my own business someday. After completing high school I dove right into my 1st year of classes for my degree in Entrepreneurial Studies. So with no “real”¬†experience in running a business, I began building my network of contacts in home improvement, landscaping, and other convenient home services. I¬†generated leads, worked¬†the jobs with the crews, and built¬†my network, developing my personal handyman skills and knowledge of products &¬†techniques used in contracting and home improvement.

During the years that I was building my network and studying, I had the opportunity to travel a little bit throughout the US and some in Europe. This allowed me to see how climates vary & how some of the older cultures in the world do things differently than we do. Some of the techniques and lessons I learned from these other countries became very useful to me here in the US, when I apply them and think outside of our standard USA practices. I have developed some lifetime relationships with people in different geographical locations and will always keep in touch with these amazing people from different parts of the globe.

One of my favorite ways to relax is to play basketball and completely engulf myself in the game. I played for many different teams over the years. From nine years old, throughout my High Schools Years,¬†I was competing on an organized team¬†in the winter, and participating in basketball camps in the summer. A¬†lifetime of¬†ball playing has allowed me to stay¬†in great physical shape throughout¬†my life…strong and healthy.

I am the proud father of an adorable two-year-old daughter, named Alanna Claire Fitzgerald. My beautiful wife and I have purchased our first home together a little over a year ago and we are enjoying the little things that are involved in building a home & family! We are developing a lot of memories with our daughter, and teaching her values, such as the balance between hard work and¬†“making” the time to be a family and share “quality time” together. We want her to respect her family and other people and have a solid understanding about who she is and where she stands in this world. With “things” happening all over the country all we can do is teach our kids to respect other people that live amongst us and to share our space even if we are different. We absolutely can live and grow amongst each other and still sustain our belief system!

My philosophy is that I believe that we should initiate a bigger effort to help our veterans and homeless right here in the US, and I dedicate time and effort to help those that are in need! I believe that I am a valuable asset to the American people and hope to use my businesses and network to support my family and friends but also all Americans as long I have the privilege to breathe air and be free!